Brazil boasts endless stunningly beautiful destinations. We have gathered a handful of our favorites here to share with you. This is just a glimpse of what awaits you in this South American paradise. Contact us and we will design the perfect getaway so you too can fall in love with these places.

Fernando de Noronha

A dream destination for Brazilians, Fernando de Noronha has nothing less than the three most beautiful beaches in the country, the bluest ocean, the most exuberant marine life, and perfect waves. Everyone who experiences its dramatic scenery associates it with a taste of paradise. This national marine conservation park is home to an incredibly diverse abundance of sea and land creatures. The isolation of the archipelago helps to preserve its pristine ecological balance within its unique environment. The government attempts to minimize environmental impact by allowing less than 500 people on the island a day. Read more...

As you explore the island, you will encounter dozens of "spinner" dolphins - a special species that make the crystal blue waters their home. You will swim with turtles catching waves and admire a gorgeous sunset as exotic birds swoop past. You can take a private horseback ride to the edges of the island where only the locals know the trails. You are rewarded with breathtaking views and a swim in an aquarium of coral formations teeming with tiny colorful fish. Fernando de Noronha is an untouched island oasis and its shear beauty will leave you speechless. Your exclusive eco-friendly inn features chic bungalows surrounded by tropical gardens. Their open-air restaurant overlooks the pool on one side and the ocean on the other. After an exciting day exploring the island in your dune buggy, relax with a romantic dinner on your private veranda.


Once a sleepy fishing village, this friendly beach oasis holds a special magic that keeps you coming back for more. Nestled amongst striking sand dunes, fresh water lakes, and the blue ocean, there are no official roads leading into town. You have to either arrive by 4x4, small aircraft or by sea. Jeri (as the locals call it) has four main sand streets that lead straight to the ocean. The unique tradition of all the town's inhabitants ascending the largest sand dune to watch the sun set over the ocean is an unforgettable experience. You feel as if you are a part of an ancient tribe, with everyone gathering to cherish the moment when the last rays slip over the horizon. Read more...

Jeri is a place for complete relaxation on endless beaches with a vibrant nightlife. If you are craving more than lazing away in a hammock sipping a coconut, then you are in the right place. Jeri boasts incredible winds that are a haven for windsurfers and kitesurfers. You can explore the national park's numerous hiking trails that lead to crystal clear fresh water lagoons. Or take a horseback ride on the beach with the ocean spray licking at your toes. Our favorite inn's pool is surrounded by gardens overflowing with exotic flowers and has a privileged location with ocean views. You are only a short walk from the famous sunset dune and the beach. Delight yourself with a cooked to order incredible homemade Italian meal at the inn's restaurant. And make lasting friendships with your gracious hosts. Jeri is one of Brazil's many gems not to be missed and you may never want to leave.

Morro de São Paulo

Just off the coast of the lively city of Salvador, lies a group of lush and beautiful islands. The 30-minute scenic flight to the islands reveals the spectacular nature of the region. Morro de Sao Paulo's romantic resorts and quaint restaurants are postcard perfect with clear blue water lapping at the white sandy beaches. This island getaway offers diverse activities from hiking and scuba diving to zip lining into the ocean.

Our favorite resort's expansive and tranquil grounds are lined with coconut palms and flowering plants. This fabulous resort features stylish bungalows with ocean view from your veranda, two swimming pools with a swim up bar, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and so much more. After a relaxing day, you can dine at the hotel restaurant or drift into one of the many beach bars with live music to enjoy a dinner of fresh seafood and exotic fruit cocktails.


If you are seeking a slower pace and contact with nature, then the island of Boipeba is the place for you. Just a short boat ride away from Morro de Sao Paulo, this small island is a peaceful retreat with pristine beaches and coconut fields. The quaint village is incredibly welcoming and you'll find yourself wanting to extend your stay. Our favorite inn is nestled amongst lush gardens and decorated with brightly colored mosaics and sculptures crafted by the talented owners. Read more...

The inn's restaurant offers top of the line international and regional cuisine using the best local ingredients. The sounds of waves crashing on the shore are the perfect melody as you relax on the balcony of your cozy room. You can fill your days with long walks on empty beaches where you will discover tiny restaurants serving the freshest and tastiest lobsters you have ever encountered.

Praia do Forte

Need to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to relax in an incredible eco-resort with luxurious spa treatments? Welcome to the town of Praia do Forte, a quaint village on the Northeast coast of Brazil. Just north of Salvador, Praia do Forte is a picturesque town with something for every traveler. It is a shopping haven with small streets full of boutiques offering unique souvenirs and Brazilian fashion. Our favorite eco-resort features deluxe accommodations set amongst plentiful gardens and pristine beaches.

After savoring the restaurant's local and international cuisine, you may want to relax with a massage or get out to enjoy the sunshine. The resort offers more than 30 different activities for the whole family. In keeping with their philosophy of "enjoying without destroying", they also offer a variety of ecological tours led by knowledgeable biologists or environmental monitors that provide education along with unforgettable contact with nature.

If you are looking for a more intimate experience, our favorite inn is perfectly located between the town's main street and the beach. The inn's colorful decorations inspire lazy days on tropical beaches. Enjoy the ocean breeze as you relax on your veranda in a comfy handmade hammock. Their homemade breads and juices provide an invigorating breakfast to get you going for a day of exploring the beautiful beaches. A trip to Praia do Forte is not complete without a visit to the famous Projeto Tamar in town. The Tamar Project was founded in the early 1980's as an intense environmental program designed to educate local communities to conserve and protect endangered sea turtles along the coast of Brazil.


The largest inland delta in the world offers perhaps the best opportunity for wildlife sightings in Brazil. An incredible flood plain with diverse vegetation, abundance of water and rich soil, attracts an unparalleled variety of animals and plants. Keep your camera ready and your eyes pealed for a quick peak at an endangered species, such as the hyacinth macaw or jaguar. You will discover exotic animals, hear strange birdcalls, view monkeys, giant anteaters, capivaras, storks, and so many more animals you may have never heard of!

Our favorite fazenda (ranch) is an active cattle ranch with minimal impact to nature, as it is natural open grassland. The ranch covers more than 53,000 hectares and is a pioneer in ecotourism. Your topnotch ranch style accommodations are set in the middle of this enchanting wetland. Your stay here includes full board of delicious local cuisine and daily excursions led by enthusiastic biologists. From sunrise to sunset, you are led on the adventure of a lifetime that captures the essence of this delicate ecosystem. Experience this spectacular wilderness on horseback, from a canoe, in a safari truck, by bicycle, or from your tranquil pool deck. The Pantanal is a paradise for nature lovers, botanists, bird enthusiasts, and anyone with a curiosity for new and magnificent adventures.


The literal translation for Bonito is "beautiful" and it definitely lives up to its name. Natural fresh water springs create crystal clear rivers bursting with colorful fish. They swim alongside you as you lazily float in inner tubes or snorkel. You can hike into the bottom of natural grottos and caves with untouched deep blue waters that shimmer in the sunlight. A premier eco-destination in Brazil, Bonito, has mild family oriented activities, as well as plenty of adrenaline action to balance the peaceful surroundings. Our favorite inn features colorful bungalows and a fabulous pool with a swim up bar. Read more...

If your muscles are a bit sore from rappelling down cascading waterfalls or from cave diving, then let the inn organize a relaxing session with their personal massage therapist. Have dinner in their great restaurant and warm up with a shot of their own Cachaça (Brazil's national liquor) hand crafted from regional fruits.

If you prefer an urban style hotel, then we can recommend our favorite. The hotel's unique architectural features were inspired by the nature of Bonito and it aims to awaken your five senses. The lobby is stunning with a combination of wood and glass that resembles sunlight filtering through giant tree trunks. The hotel is a short stroll from the charming little town, where you can shop and dine in local restaurants offering regional cuisine such as alligator and pacu (a mild and delicious fresh water fish).


This historically rich colonial town just south of Rio de Janeiro on the Costa Verde (Green Coast) offers both natural wonders and culture. Founded in 1696 by the Portuguese, this charming town of cobblestone-paved pedestrian only streets is a pleasant retreat into the history of Brazil. The town's preserved architecture is nestled beside the green waters of the Bay of Parati with over 200 islands. It is located within the lush tropical forests and mountain peaks of the Mata Atlantica – once the largest rainforest in Brazil. Read more...

After settling into your distinctive colonial inn in the heart of the historic district, you can relax poolside with a fresh caipirinha (national Brazilian drink) and enjoy the serenity of the abundant gardens. The inn's clean lines and chic decorations are highlighted with historical artifacts from the colonial times. An ideal day in Parati is spent aboard a schooner where you will soak in the emerald waters and discover pristine islands. Go snorkeling or scuba diving with exotic fish and explore endless beaches. At night you can venture into one of the many galleries featuring local artists, learn to cook Brazilian cuisine from world-renowned chefs, dance the night away in an open-air restaurant, or walk hand in hand (or find that special someone!) to enjoy the romantic ambiance.